Building Commissioning
& Re-Commissioning

In order to ensure that the design intent, plans, and specifications are followed, and that peak performance based on the design is maintained, we offer commissioning services to review and inspect plans and installations of your HVAC’s mechanical and automation systems.

Our highly trained staff has advanced knowledge of mechanical systems and design theory, controls, water/air balance, and equipment start up procedures to provide you with an optimal evaluation. As the commissioning supervisor, we are responsible for achieving commissioning goals. As a part of this process, we participate in the design, construction, start-up, acceptance, and building operation phases of each project to ensure that procedures and schedules are met. And, on retrofit applications, we also offer DSM through enhanced energy management system commissioning for lower cost and enhanced flexibility.

In some cases, Lincus can even be brought into a project at the later stages of the construction and start-up phases for verification and building operator training.