Energy Engineering

With our extensive knowledge of building systems, and how these systems and equipment relate to each other, LINCUS will perform:

Energy Audits/Feasibility Studies
We’ll evaluate energy cost reduction strategies by identifying, implementing, and measuring the results. Our energy auditing and feasibility study services include preliminary and detailed energy engineering analysis to identify, implement, and measure energy cost reduction strategies, installation costs, and payback.

DOE2, eQuest, EnergyPro Simulation Modeling
Using your building’s energy performance model, we’ll estimate the peak and annual savings for envelope, lighting, HVAC systems, and propose alternatives.

Indoor Air Quality and Comfort Condition Assessment
We’ll assure that standards are satisfied and systems are operating efficiently throughout your building. This is accomplished through the investigation of root causes of occupant discomfort and wasted energy.

System Performance Analysis
Lincus provides system performance analysis for improvements ensuring that your return on investment is maximized. This will also assist clients with making repair or replacement decisions. Once the potential maintenance issues are diagnosed and analyzed, Lincus will estimate your remaining equipment lifespan and provide a cost/benefit report to help you with any future repair and replacement needs.




Your building's energy, operating, and maintenance costs are compared to similar buildings for analysis.

Physical Asset Due Diligence (Codes and Industry Standards)
Lincus will assess the physical condition of your Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Building Controls, and Fire/Life safety systems. Lincus will also evaluate compliance with local and national codes, review the adequacy of your heating, cooling, and electrical services, discuss necessary repair and maintenance issues, recommend replacements, and finally develop budgetary recommendations for corrective action.