Strategic Energy Planning

Companies face significant issues in today's global marketplace.  Deregulation of the energy industry, new regulations, risks and benefits of climate change, energy costs, new energy-efficiency programs, as well as new technology solutions are requiring everyone to develop and implement strategies within either a single state or for facilities within multiple states.

How can anyone sort through it all?

At Lincus, we develop and implement energy strategies that will make energy visible. With our methods, we organize and “fill in" the strategic energy framework. Within this framework, your energy use, procurement methods, operations, and maintenance practices for single or multi-building sites become an integral part of your overall strategy. 

In developing your strategic energy plan, we review alternative technologies to minimize energy costs at the most beneficial return-on-investment target while being constantly vigilant on achieving your overall objectives. We accomplish all this through planning, efficiency, sustainability, procurement of utility incentives, and finally by monitoring and learning from the results.