Water-Energy Nexus

In Water-Energy Nexus, Lincus assists electric, water, wastewater and natural gas utilities, water agencies and municipalities in properly developing their resources, energy and demand response policy goals while recommending near-term actions that utilities could take to position themselves as responsible regional entities supporting growth within their service areas by making available water conserved at the end use and at the power plant level through energy conservation.

Lincus offers a comprehensive water-energy nexus program working with electric, gas and water and wastewater utilities to coordinate efforts so that precious water resources are saved and allocated for growth within their regions.

Approach for a Water-Energy Nexus Program

Lincus has a two-phased approach to water-energy nexus includes: 1) Resource assessment phase that will inventory and calculate the energy intensity of the regional water system included within a state or within a utility company territory, and 2)  Evaluation and selection of demonstration or large scale implementation opportunities especially within agricultural, municipal and water and wastewater treatment entities. Based on evaluations during these two phases, Lincus may propose a mix of the following options: