Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Q. How do I account for my greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as an organization? A. There are a number of voluntary, as well as state, federal, and international reporting protocols used to account for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with varying degrees of complexity involved in each. Before employing any of these methods, it is important to establish the driving factors behind your organizations need to account for these emissions. If your organization is obligated under statutory requirements to comply with a state or federal law, then your best bet is to develop an intimate understanding of the statutory requirements in that jurisdiction. In California, the MRR establishes clear methodologies used to determine GHG emissions, while federally, EPA 40 Part 98 is the method of choice. Internationally, the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) protocols or protocols developed by the Climate Action Registry (CAR) are also useful to many organizations. There are several other well-respected methods Lincus, Inc. uses to establish baseline GHG emissions inventories for a broad spectrum of industries depending of the scope, scale, and intended use of these inventories.