About us

Energy used wisely.

From a technical project perspective, Lincus is experienced in end-use and performance monitoring, most often to support detailed evaluations of energy-efficiency opportunities. We recently completed the monitoring of a hospital’s central plant that resulted in the discovery of operational inefficiencies that once corrected gave the client the ability to save a significant amount on chiller energy use without replacing the existing equipment. We’ve completed similar detailed energy studies for buildings at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as many other industrial customers.

For energy utility clients…

Lincus provides the design, implementation, technical, and marketing assistance for Demand Response (DR) and Demand Side Management (DSM) programs. We offer innovative solutions to help utility clients effectively plan and achieve their DR and DSM goals.

For commercial, industrial, and institutional clients…

For commercial, industrial, and institutional clients: Lincus offers review services for building mechanical and controls systems design, construction, operation, retro-commissioning, and commissioning. Working within our client’s budget and investment constraints, we assist them in uncovering ways to use existing mechanical and control systems at optimal capacity, as well as find innovative ways to use today’s proven technology to gain significant operational and maintenance cost savings. In short, we assist commercial, industrial, and institutional clients with achieving their building management goals.