El Centro Regional Medical Center El Centro, CA


ECRMC is a non-profit municipal hospital and a self-sustaining agency in the City of El Centro. The campus provides full-service health care to the Imperial County community via a 58,764 square feet, newly-constructed two-story hospital building (Medical Plaza), and a 71,932 square feet, single-story older hospital facility. The ECRMC was in serious need of identifying energy, operations, and infrastructure upgrades to reduce operating and maintenance costs, as well as provide a financing mechanism to enable implementation of selected facility improvement measures (these improvement opportunities needed to pay for their own capital costs from the savings generated.)


A feasibility analysis of possible energy-efficiency measures and infrastructure upgrades was conducted by Lincus. The combined purpose of identifying these operational and maintenance concerns at the facility was to reduce operational cost, improve comfort, and provide overall value and service to the patients. The following are the energy-efficiency measures that were identified and presented:
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Re-insulation of all chilled water pipes
  • Variable volume secondary chilled water disruption
  • Primary/secondary variable flow
  • Thermal ice storage
  • Convert from high-pressure steam to a low-pressure boiler plant
  • New central-chilled water plant
  • New multi-zone air handling units with economizers
  • Variable volume cooling tower fan
  • Hot and cold temperature reset
  • Install an energy-management system
  • Replace roof-top with chilled water air handling units
  • VFD tower fans and variable volume AHU fans
Based on the results of the preliminary evaluation, it is estimated that installation of all projects as listed above would provide a $252,227 savings in annual utility expenditures, and nearly $265,500 in annual operations and maintenance costs. While these measures would modernize and revitalize the hospital overall, the new equipment and upgrades offer a very favorable internal rate of return of 12.7%.