Glendale Water & Power Glendale, CA

The internationally-recognized Glendale Water & Power (GWP) electric/water smart grid project is one of the first “fully operational” electric and water systems in the U.S. This project was awarded $20 million in US DOE “stimulus grant”. Lincus’ Smart Grid Consulting Team is proud to have directed this effort through its comprehensive and in-depth experience in guiding the smart grid development, deployment, and operational-ready project from beginning to full customer engagement.

In this comprehensive AMI and data integration venture GWP has greatly improved its operating efficiency and customer engagement while optimizing its electric and water distribution assets. The project included the complete installation of 120,000 “smart meters”; a robust mesh, Wi-Fi and fiber backhaul system; a substantial enterprise-wide IT system architecture upgrade; a distribution automation pilot: and full integration of energy storage, PV, distributed generation and EV charging systems. Plus, it created national industry-leading notoriety with its innovative “in home device”; a cloud-based picture frame which has already created extreme interest and engagement among GWP’s customers. A unique GWP system enhancement is the ability to optimize the water operations through the integration of the electric and water data; a true “electric/water nexus”!

While GWP made a significant investment in creating a foundation for the future and modernizing its electric and water distribution systems, the payback is only slightly more than six years. A prudent investment that has already paid dividends through increased system reliability, significantly improved customer service and billing systems, enhanced forecasting and asset management, decreased system losses and, most importantly, greater customer satisfaction.

This Lincus consultant-directed project not only revolutionized GWP’s technology, but assured that the utility’s processes would change; essential for operational excellence and customer acceptance. The most important thing to consider for any utility about to start down the smart grid path is the level of experience that the Lincus consulting team brings to the entire process. Our “hands on” involvement with projects such as GWP’s and its first-hand understanding of “lessons learned” during the journey are unparalleled in other smart grid deployments.