Glendale Water & Power Glendale, CA


Glendale Water & Power, one of the SCPPA utilities serving the northern LA region of Glendale, requested the service of Lincus engineers to provide a preliminary energy engineering audit of nearly 22 buildings within Glendale, CA. These buildings owned and maintained by the City of Glendale spans across a total gross area of 803,303 sq.ft with an estimated annual electric cost expenditure of approximately $2.205 million.


Lincus engineers performed the following tasks towards the completion of this project:

  • Performed a preliminary energy engineering audit that included an inventory of all major energy consuming items (HVAC, lighting, miscellaneous electrical loads).
  • Developed energy savings calculations for various measures targeted at major electric end uses using customized spreadsheet tools and bin analysis (wherever applicable). Building types included offices, police station, storage, assembly, waste water treatment plant, libraries, fire stations, etc.
  • Developed energy efficiency measures for each building including HVAC, interior/exterior lighting, ventilation, refrigeration, heat rejection, pumps, boilers, miscellaneous electrical loads and renewable energy generation.

Lincus’ recommendations included 2,988,945 kWh of savings opportunities which in turn translated to about $490,198 in annual energy cost savings.

Estimated total worth of proposed energy projects were about $4,095,173 which in turn translated to about 7.9 years of time in average payback period including utility incentives of about $179,337 from Glendale Water & Power.