Irrigation Pump Overhaul Savings achieved through the Advanced Pump Efficiency Program


Like all members of the farming community in Cochise County, the owners of NK of Casa Grande, LLC (NKCG) are very familiar with trying to meet the water challenge that comes with farming in the area. Given that 90% of electricity costs in agricultural operations are associated with water use, it is a high priority for local farmers to pay close attention to the most effective manner to irrigate their crops. After hearing about the SSVEC Advanced Pump Efficiency Program (APEP), NKCG requested testing for several irrigation well pumps at their Sunizona Farm. As they had suspected, some of their pumps were operating poorly. One well in particular was running at an overall plant efficiency of 39% with an annual operating cost of more than $26,000. The pump in question is used to irrigate 110 acres of alfalfa from March through October.


The Electric Utility’s Advanced Pump Efficiency Program offered to provide pump testing at no cost to the customer and arranged for a qualified pump testing contractor to be present to ensure that NKCG’s operations were not interrupted during the tests. The results found that Well #8 was operating at 39%, and NKCG hired a pump service contractor to perform the improvements needed to save both operating costs and improve reliability. Key energy-saving recommendations made to NKCG included:

  • Replacement of bowls with a set of standard 500 gpm bowls
  • Acid wash well casing to open perforations


After reviewing their pump test results, NKCG decided to retrofit their pump. The improvements made will result in an enhanced operating efficiency of 78%, saving NKCG 120,840 kWh annually, more than $13,000 per year in electricity costs, and 53 tons of CO2 emissions.

  • Overall pump efficiency improved from 39% to 78%
  • Pump flow improved from 268 gpm to 411 gpm
  • Draw down remained the same due to the casing perforations being cleared
  • Energy costs were reduced by 45% from $26,000 to $14,000, annually

If you operate well or booster pumps sized at 50hp and greater that run at least 1500 hours per year (or more than four hours per day) that have not been tested in the past 24 months, please contact your Utility’s Program Manager to schedule your free pump test at: 1-877-333-1070 or Please note that this Program has a limited budget and free pump tests are available on a first come, first served basis.