Savings-By-Design Whole Building Design Analysis Costco, La Quinta, CA


Costco Wholesale Corporation, a membership warehouse club chain, offers its residential and business customers wholesale products and services. In preparation for building a new warehouse in La Quinta, CA, Costco Wholesale was in need of implementing strict energy-efficiency measures using Title 24 standard as the baseline for approximately 140,550 square ft. of conditioned space.


After the Utility contacted Lincus with this challenging Lincus accessed the utility’s New Construction Energy Efficiency program to gain incentive money for construction of Costco’s energy-efficient building. The energy use for the Costco in La Quinta was modeled using Energy Pro 4 to compute savings for various energy-efficiency measures. The results from this program allow owners to make informed decisions concerning the most cost- effective building and equipment designs. Lincus then simulated multiple energy efficiency measures (EEMs) for the store, with Costco choosing to implement a combination of the following programs:

  • 8″ masonry w/R-19 walls/R-38 roof system
  • Proposed condenser and partial subcooling
  • Floating head pressure with variable setpoint control
  • Case lighting control
  • Efficient display case fan motors
  • Efficient walk-in box fan motors
  • High-efficiency HVAC packaged units
  • Skylights, lighting control and proposed lighting power density

The total annual cost reduction for the above combination of EEMs is approximately $87,951 with a 2.6 year simple payback. Adoption of all the EEM combinations as shown above resulted in a calculated incentive amount of $72,483.