Energy Simulation Models/Design Assistance

Lincus engineers have a mix of expertise uncommon in the energy industry. We are highly proficient in building simulation design review for new construction programs, as well as for Zero Net Energy building verification. Our engineers have extensive hands-on experience within energy-engineering-based construction projects. Using various building or facility energy performance models, we estimate the peak and annual savings and recommend economical alternatives for envelope, lighting, HVAC systems, water and wastewater treatment, storage, pumping, and distribution systems. Lincus’ success with building performance modeling comes from our management of actual retrofit and new construction projects that involve effective energy-efficient technologies.

In many cases, monitoring equipment is set up to validate performance after installation, provi-ding further feedback on the effectiveness of of these state-of-the-art technologies.





For building energy simulations, our team of engineers employ the following tools:

For industrial system simulations, a sample of the tools we use include:RETURN