Impact and Process Evaluation

When providing EM&V services, our objectives are to document and measure the effects of a program to determine whether it has met its goals on target, with respect to being a reliable energy resource. We also help our customers understand why those effects occurred and identify ways to improve current programs and select the right programs to use in the future. With these objectives, Lincus’ EM&V consultants provide:

  • Impact evaluations to determine the energy and demand savings benefits and co-benefits (such as avoided emissions health benefits, job creation, and water savings) that directly result from a program.
  • Market potential and characterization studies to determine the size and nature of the existing market segment including stakeholders, market penetration, barriers, and potential for programs and technologies.
  • Process evaluations to assess how efficiently a program was or is being implemented, with respect to its stated objectives and potential improvements for future programs.
  • Market effects evaluations to estimate a program’s influence on encouraging future energy efficiency projects due to changes in the marketplace.