Water Infrastructure and System Efficiency Program

The Water Infrastructure and System Efficiency (WISETM) program is designed to specifically assist Water and Wastewater customers in identifying energy efficiency projects and securing incentives to offset installation costs and engineering services. This comprehensive and turnkey solution offers no-cost energy engineering services, project support, and cash incentives. Lincus uses a holistic approach, combining existing pump tests and hydraulic modeling to evaluate how water and wastewater customers can optimize their distribution and treatment systems. The Program focuses on both individual pump efficiency improvements as well as comprehensive system optimization measures. These measures include, but are not limited to the following:

For Water Systems: Pump overhaul, pump sequencing, variable frequency drives, storage system, pump station improvements, and overall distribution system optimization.

For Wastewater Systems: Aeration blower improvements, and VFDs, DO control, VFDs on pumps, pump efficiency improvements, optimization of aerobic digestion, optimization of bio-solids mixing, installation of high efficiency diffusers, blower efficiency improvements, indirect evaporative cooler-single stage, centrifuge operation optimizations.

How it works

  • Industry and technology experts prepare customized Project Feasibility Study Reports
  • Existing studies are reviewed and refined to help obtain maximum program value
  • Project installation are then performed in line with each customer’s expectations
  • All necessary program paperwork is prepared for maximum allowable incentives

Who can benefit

The WISETM Program is available to eligible IOU customers that operate:
  • City-owned water and waste-water
  • Water Agencies
  • Sanitation Districts
  • Special Districts
  • Agriculture and Industrial Systems

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